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Apple Pay Cash applet can’t be re-downloaded

Apple Pay Cash applet can’t be re-downloaded

Apple began allowing for some system apps, like Calculator and Weather, to be “uninstalled” from iOS devices since last year’s version 10 debut. That means that the app may disappear from the home screen, but the data for it is still on the device’s firmware.

But when the iOS 11.2 update came out, it did so under pressured circumstances with a major time-based crash bug that affected notifications. That meant that the update came out earlier than planned and that also meant that the Apple Pay Cash app would also be brought along early. And when services started the following day, everything seemed to be properly functioning.

Except for the fact that if users delete the Apple Pay Cash applet for iMessage, it cannot be reinstalled. Cash can be used with Siri and through the Apple Pay app, but it apparently just can’t be used on iMessage — the intended medium for the peer-to-peer payment service. iDrop Newsreports that reinstalling the Apple Pay app or rebooting the phone doesn’t do anything to bring Cash back on iMessage.

Apple’s general response so far has been to direct people to its support page for Apple Pay Cash while one service representative in particular said that the only way to bring it back was to factory reset the device.

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